1. Why should I register for myFiat?

    Register for myFiat to enjoy money-saving rewards from Fiat, our partners and your local Fiat dealer. You could get money off your next service or great offers on family days out. It’s free to sign up and you get a myFiat card to use at your dealer, as well as an online account where you can check out the latest rewards available to you.
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  2. Can I buy the car I’ve configured?

    Absolutely. All the changes you make and options you add when you configure a car in the showroom are available to buy. Visit your local dealer and they’ll be able to tell you more.
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  3. Where can I get a brochure?

    You can download brochures for our models now or we can post lovely glossy ones to you. Get yours here.
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  4. Where can I find Fiat’s latest offers and promotions?

    We have some fantastic promotions available on our models. Click here to find out what our current offers are.
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  5. How can I find out the CO2 emissions for my Fiat?

    Just select the model you want, and then use the ‘compare’ tool to select your Fiat engine and trim.
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  6. Will Blue&Me™ work with my mobile phone?

    Blue&Me™ works with most Bluetooth-enabled phones, although some may not support all of the features available.
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  7. What does the warranty cover?

    Each new Fiat comes with a 2-year manufacturer and 3-year dealer warranty, a 3-year paintwork warranty and an 8-year anti-perforation warranty.
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  8. Where can I buy accessories?

    All Fiat dealers offer the full range of available Fiat accessories. You’ll also find them on our Accessories website.
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  9. Can I sign up for a Fiat email newsletter?

    Yes, you can. We’d love to keep you posted with all our latest news. You can sign up for myFiat here.
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  10. Why do I see error messages when I try to visit the Fiat website?

    If you see the following error messages, check the spelling and punctuation of the URL (website address):

    • Internet Explorer cannot open site
    • Cannot connect to server
    • The website is unavailable

    If the URL is correct, it may mean that there is a network problem: you should contact your network provider.
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